Revolutionizing Land management in Assam: From Pixels to Pioneering with Cutting-Edge Geospatial solutions

In the heart of Assam, a quiet revolution is brewing. It’s not a revolution on the streets, but a transformation happening behind the scenes, poised to change the way land is managed in the state. Through a collaborative effort, the Directorate of Land Records and Surveys (DLRS) Assam, and NeoGeoInfo Technologies are reshaping the narrative of land management with state-of-the-art geospatial solutions. This project aligns with the Government of Assam’s Mission Basundhara, PM GatiShakti, and the Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP), aiming to enhance land mapping, governance, and transparency in the state.

Building the Foundation

The first phase focuses on meticulous planning and infrastructure development for the GIS Lab for Assam DLRS. NeoGeoInfo meticulously designs the physical space to optimize workflow and technology integration. Construction adheres to rigorous standards, ensuring a stable foundation for advanced geospatial activities.

Next, the technological backbone is established. High-performance hardware from Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LG Electronics, Delta Technologies, PeopleLink, and Spacewood is installed, alongside plotting and scanning equipment from Canon. ESRI’s ArcGIS software is deployed, followed by comprehensive training for lab personnel to ensure proficiency in geospatial data analysis.

To guarantee smooth operations, a team of skilled professionals from NeoGeoInfo is assigned to manage the lab. Extended support services are established for both hardware and software, ensuring long-term functionality and reliability.

Enhancing Capabilities

The second phase, under PM GatiShakti, elevates the lab’s capabilities by incorporating high-resolution satellite imagery (HRSI) for the entire state, Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), and Trimble DA2 GNSS Rovers. NeoGeoInfo partners with Maxar Technologies to provide 30cm and 50cm resolution OR2A satellite imagery, offering exceptional detail and accuracy for informed decision-making. The integration of DTMs provides a comprehensive understanding of the land’s physical characteristics, crucial for areas with connectivity challenges.

A critical addition to the lab’s toolkit in this phase is the inclusion of Trimble DA2 GNSS Rovers. These advanced positioning systems enable field crews to collect highly accurate geospatial data in real-time. The rovers utilize Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology to pinpoint locations with centimetre-level precision. This precise data collection capability is essential for various applications, such as cadastral mapping, land boundary demarcation, and asset management. The combined use of HRSI, DTMs, and Trimble GNSS Rovers provides highly precise geospatial data collection solutions for the state.

Empowering the Workforce

The final phase emphasizes human resource development. Recognizing the importance of skilled personnel, NeoGeoInfo commits to training and deploying 500 surveyors under the DILRMP Project. Intensive training programs equip them with the necessary expertise in data collection, analysis, and interpretation of geospatial data. Further workshops delve into advanced surveying techniques, data management practices, and specialized software tools.

This large-scale training initiative ensures a skilled workforce to maintain and expand the lab’s operations. The influx of trained surveyors facilitates extensive data collection and analysis, maximizing the lab’s potential.

Recognition and Future Prospects

NeoGeoInfo’s contribution to Mission Basundhara has garnered recognition from the Honourable Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma, highlighting the outstanding contribution to transforming land management services in the state. NeoGeo also received ESRI’s Partner of the Year 2023 award for Best GIS Project for the GIS lab establishment for Assam DLRS. Beyond the initial setup, NeoGeoInfo has provided comprehensive maintenance and support services for five years, ensuring continued access to critical geospatial tools and hardware functionality.

A Sustainable Future for Land Management

This collaborative effort extends beyond establishing a facility. The strategically planned GIS Lab serves as a hub for geospatial innovation. By leveraging advanced technologies, robust infrastructure, and a skilled workforce, the project sets a new standard for land management in Assam.

The phased approach ensures a well-established and adaptable lab, equipped to address future challenges. This holistic strategy positions the GIS Lab as a cornerstone for geospatial excellence in Assam, paving the way for more efficient and transparent land management practices.

The project’s long-term vision is to streamline land dispute resolution, enhance land planning with accurate data, and facilitate proactive and precise land monitoring. This vision, backed by cutting-edge technology and a skilled workforce, holds immense promise for the future of land management in Assam.

Our partnership with the Government of Assam under Mission Basundhara is a testament to what can be achieved when technology and vision come together. We are excited to see how this project will redefine land management and pave the way for a brighter future.”

Sreeramam GV, CEO, NeoGeoInfo Technologies

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