Sanitation Planning Geospatial

Geospatial Technologies for Urban Sanitation Planning and Management

Geospatial usage for citizen-centric services has greatly increased as a result of advancements in data collection techniques, the availability of smaller, high-performance sensors, better processing speeds, and a liberalized legal environment. One such area of urban governance that has greatly

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Indian Experience in Alignment with United Nations Integrated Geospatial Information Framework 2nd UN WGIC

Insights into Report: Indian Experience in Alignment with the UN-IGIF

The recently held 2nd United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UN-WGIC) in Hyderabad, India, brought together national mapping agencies, Geospatial industries, researchers, academics, and users of Geospatial technology from across the globe. The aim? Promoting comprehensive dialogue on

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Circular Agriculture Geospatial

Role of Geospatial Technologies in Circular Agriculture

The concept of the Linear Economy is nothing new: natural resources are used to create products, and products are disposed of when they are no longer useful. This is the conventional economic model, which has no regard for the effects it will have on the environment. In a linear economy, products

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National Logistics Policy

The National Logistics Policy 2022: Summary and Comments from the Geospatial Industry

Effective logistics and supply chain management are the backbone of a nation’s economy, driving efficiency in infrastructure creation and management, service delivery, and resource optimization. Blatantly speaking, the existence of an efficient logistics system underpins all economic activity

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Geospatial for Property Tax

Addressing Property Taxation Challenges with Geospatial Technologies

Thanks to developments in data capturing methods, availability of smaller high-performance sensors, better processing capacities, and a liberalized legal landscape, Geospatial adoption for citizen-centric services has seen a major boost. One such vertical in urban governance that is benefitting

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Drone and Geospatial Technologies Applications

Tech Talk: The Integration of Drone and Geospatial Technologies

The last few years have seen tremendous growth of drone-based mapping, and this is because of the advantage of obtaining high-quality and measurable data sets much safer and faster than manual surveys and cost-effective compared to aerial surveys. Drones have emerged as one of the most inventive

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