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The Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) is an industry-led non-profit non-government professional organization that represents the interests of geospatial industry in India and works towards the advancement of geospatial technologies and their applications. AGI serves as a forum for exchange of ideas, techniques, approaches, and experiences by those who design, implement, and use geospatial technology solutions.

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AGI Objectives
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We lead, connect and build an ecosystem of stakeholders relevant to the Geospatial Industry who develop, use, or benefit from these technologies. AGI plays a proactive role by extending outreach, sharing knowledge, facilitating networking and enabling business development for the Geospatial Industry in India. We work with several levels of governance for improving policies related to geospatial technologies, while taking into account the concerns of the Geospatial Industry in the country. Along with the annual flagship conference “India Geospatial Leadership Summit”, our various initiatives today are making an impact on the adoption of geospatial information and technologies by policy makers, administrators, academia, public and private sector users alike.

Latest News

GeoInnovation 2022 Esri India

Esri India rolls out ‘GeoInnovation’ in partnership with AGNIi

New Delhi: AGI member Esri India recently announced GeoInnovation 2022 – an acceleration

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MapmyIndia IPO

AGI Member MapmyIndia’s IPO Subscribed 154.71 Times with 100% Premium Grey Market Trading

New Delhi: As a big boost for the Geospatial industry, the initial public offering of CE Info

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Amitabh Kant Niti Aayog

Genesys International Launches Pan India 3D Digital Maps Program

New Delhi:  AGI Member Genesys International launched its pan India 3D Maps Program to make the

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Exploring Geographic Information Systems: Trends, Impacts, Future

The unprecedented wave we are currently experiencing in digitalization, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT and cognitive computing is pioneering

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2021 Updates AGI

It’s a Wrap! Looking Back at 2021: A Brilliant Year for the Geospatial Industry

The year 2021 saw some landmark achievements for the Indian Geospatial industry as a whole, with the Government bringing out …

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PPPs for Geospatial Sector

Public Private Partnerships for the Geospatial Sector Need Alignment and Vision

Public private partnerships (PPPs) are a popular framework of private sector engagement while acknowledging the structure and role of the …

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