panaji property tax solution
15Dec 2022

Case Study: Geospatial-Based Cloud Solution for City Revenue Collection for Panaji Municipal Corporation

Property taxes are the primary source of financing the development of urban infrastructure and carrying out city operations. The vicious cycle of inadequate infrastructure leads to inefficient assessment systems for properties in cities, which leads to a huge gap in property tax collection. While a country as geographically and demographically vast as India is capable …

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Component Modules of GIS-based Land Management Software Application
08Nov 2022

Case Study: Land Administration Modernization for Rajasthan under DILRMP Scheme

Land administration management is the process of managing the use and development (in both urban and rural settings) of land resources. Multiple sectors require effective land administration and management, including survey/resurvey projects for urban and rural development, national highways, expressways, and road projects, canals, water resources projects, riverfront management, public health engineering, sewerage and wastewater …

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Indicative NMC EGIS Geoportal Screen showing the list of Illegal Constructions in selected AOI
08Nov 2022

Case Study: Land Administration for Nagpur Municipal Corporation

The Nagpur Municipal Council (NMC) was established in 1864, with a population of 82,000 and jurisdictional area at 15.5 sq. km, which was expanded to 227.37 as per the Government Resolution dated 14th May 2013. The key responsibility for providing Nagpur’s citizens basic urban services lies with the NMC, including water supply, sewerage, waste …

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