what are location based services

The Present and Future of Location-Based Services in the Indian Context | Sakshi Singh, AGI

Location technology is impacting mainstream industries and experiences much more than we perceive. The need for and access to instant location information has become an urgent demand across industries and user bases. From hunting for the right place to eat, to booking a ride to the airport in

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Location-Based Services Success Stories | Garudalytics

Location-based Service (LBS) is a software service for mobile device applications that requires knowledge about where the mobile device is geographically located in real time. The technology persistently identifies the user’s physical and geographical location, which is then used to perform

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UNL Article Hyperlocal Technology

The Future of Maps is Hyperlocal, Hyper-connected and Hyper-contextual | UNL

Location-based services are taking over consumer lives and lifestyles. E-commerce, last-mile delivery and mobility sectors are among the most prominent examples of how hyperlocal services are steadily becoming the norm, as demand over the past years has been increasing exponentially. What is

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Emergency Management Geospatial

Geospatial Technologies for Faster, Streamlined, More Effective Emergency Management | Sakshi Singh, AGI

No matter how frequent or systemic, emergencies always come unannounced. They can also vary tremendously in terms of scope and impact – natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and wildfires, public health crises like epidemics and pandemics, acts of terrorism such as bombings or hostages, and

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Esri India Geospatial

GIS and Emergency Management | Esri India

The frequency and intensity of emergencies that we are witnessing today are way higher than anything we have seen before. The economic, social, and environmental impact of these emergencies is immense, making it necessary to use ‘technology’ to effectively prepare, respond, and recover from

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