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Utilizing Multisource Geospatial Solutions to Build a Better World

Geospatial technologies are revolutionizing national economies, playing critical roles in domains as varied as national security, infrastructure monitoring and management, …

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The Confluence of DeepTech, 4IR, and Geospatial Technologies: What’s Brewing? 

The transformative potential of DeepTech, 4IR, and Geospatial technologies is reshaping industries, revolutionising business models, and driving innovation at an …

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Mitigating Climate Risks through Agro-Geointelligence

As a food-deficient country in the 1960s, the adoption of technology and mechanization characterized the “Green Revolution” that propelled India …

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Geospatial Technologies Driving Digitalization of Agriculture: Innovations, Trends, and Future

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the Indian economy. It contributes to approximately 17% of the total …

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what are location based services

The Present and Future of Location-Based Services in the Indian Context | Sakshi Singh, AGI

Location technology is impacting mainstream industries and experiences much more than we perceive. The need for and access to instant …

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