India Geospatial Leadership Summit 2021


India Geospatial Leadership Summit – 2021

16-18 February 2021, 2 – 5:30 pm IST, ONLINE

Theme: Geospatial Technologies for Water Security

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India is facing an acute water crisis, which is only getting worse with each passing year. In view of the challenges that pervade water resources and water utility services in our country, the Government of India has taken numerous steps to address the issue, while emphasizing on the use of technology for the purpose. The present government has established the Ministry of Jal Shakti that encapsulates water related work previously dealt by 9 Ministries. Hon’ble Prime Minister has also set a revolutionary goal of bringing piped drinking water to all households. This initiative is integrated with ensuring source sustainability and gray water treatment.

On the technology adoption front, the government has undertaken a national aquifer mapping initiative of 10,00,000 sqm area. In coming times 3D contour surface mapping and underground aquifer mapping data will be provided to 256 stressed districts to plan aquifer recharge strategy. A web-based Water Resources Information System (India WRIS) was created with all unclassified data of Central Water Commission and Central Ground Water Board. Central Water Commission has also completed a study titled “Reassessment of Water Availability in India using Space Inputs” with the support of ISRO.

The Geospatial Industry is playing an important role in helping our government to manage water resources, working with the central and state agencies for combating the water crisis. However, we are nowhere near achieving the full potential of geospatial technologies for the sector and the scope of engagement for the industry with the other stakeholders holds tremendous promise for everyone.

India Geospatial Leadership Summit – 2021 will be a platform that brings together various stakeholders of the Geospatial and Water Ecosystem of the country under one umbrella to exchange ideas, vision, and good practices on geospatial applications for water resources and utilities, through the theme, “Geospatial Technologies for Water Security” to delve into some of the key issues that can ensure our country reaches the collective goal of water security.

Target Audience

About 800 participants are expected to join the India Geospatial Leadership Summit online. The profile of participants is expected to cover:

  • Senior officers from various central and state governments
  • Experts from organizations working in the water domain
  • Senior officers from National Mapping Agencies
  • Professionals from the Geospatial Industry
  • Professionals from allied technologies
  • Students, academia, and researchers

AGI Water Awards

On the occasion of India Geospatial Leadership Summit – 2021, AGI India will confer excellence awards to Government or private user organizations of Geospatial Technologies doing exemplary work in the field of Water Conservation, River Rejuvenation, Water Distribution, Watershed Development, and others. Projects that are ongoing or completed in the past two year period that has shown tangible social and economic outcomes are invited for nomination. Nominations can be filled by anyone, either nominating their own work or on behalf of another organization. The winners will be announced on 16 Feb 2021 during the India Geospatial Leadership Summit. Winners will receive a certificate of merit from AGI India and an award trophy. Last date to submit nomination is 29 January 2021.

Submit your nomination for AGI India Water Awards here:

Summit Themes and Sessions

Development and Management of Water Resources with Geospatial Technologies

  • National Priorities for Conversation and Use of Water Resources
  • Sustainable Management of Ground Water Resources
  • Challenges and Role of Geospatial Technologies in Watershed Management

Interlinking of Rivers and River Development

  • Technology Restoring Life to India’s Lifeline: The Case of River Ganga
  • Importance of Geospatial Infrastructure for a Water Secure India
  • Reviving our Rivers Through Geospatial Technology and Collaboration

Innovation and Practices for Water Security

  • Value of Data Driven Decision Making for National Water Mission
  • India’s Future in Last Mile Water Distribution
  • Improving Access to Clean Drinking Water through Disruptive Technologies

Water Availability and Access

  • Smart technologies for Water Distribution Under the ambit of Jal Jeevan Mission
  • Realising 100% Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC): A Success Story
  • Har Ghar Jal: Challenges and Opportunities for the Indian States

Water Related Disasters

  • Role of Remote Sensing for the Water Sector
  • Leveraging ICT and Geospatial Technologies for Improved Water Resource Management
  • Role of Development Banks in Promoting Technology Adoption
  • Geospatial Technologies for Mitigating Water Related Risks

Monetizing Water

  • Leveraging ICT and Geospatial Technologies for Improved Water Resource Management
  • Role of Technology in Bettering Water Management for a Better City Life
  • Geospatial Technologies for Reducing Non-Revenue Water


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