GeoInnovation 2022 Esri India

Esri India rolls out ‘GeoInnovation’ in partnership with AGNIi

New Delhi: AGI member Esri India recently announced GeoInnovation 2022 – an acceleration programme for startupreneurs. The country’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) software and solutions provider is partnering with AGNIi (Invest India) for this initiative.

The GeoInnovation programme aims at helping startups leverage Geospatial technology for their unique business models in the new geo-enabled era that India is stepping into.

The programme will be divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Applications Phase, ending January 25, 2022
  • Phase 2: Technical Guidance and Business-Focussed Mentorship from Esri India, AGNIi and Funding Companies, February to March 2022
  • Phase 3: Business Pitch, April 2022

AGI President and Esri India Managing Director, Agendra Kumar, spoke at the programme launch, “Now is the right time to make bold transformations. Aided by GIS technology and data, startups can aim to develop solutions that solve critical problems.”

He continued, “With this partnership with AGNIi, we want to make Location Intelligence Technology available to every startup in India and pave the way for its large-scale adoption. The programme will enable the brightest talents in the startup community of India to build specialised businesses leveraging the power of Mapping and Location Intelligence.”

GeoInnovation 2022 will target startups working across sectors like agriculture, healthcare, security, smart cities, water management, utilities, retail, and BFSI, among others.

Rahul Nayar, Head, AGNIi Mission, commented, “AGNIi is excited to partner with Esri India on GeoInnovation 2022. This unique programme will ensure that startups that are looking to create their own IP can add location intelligence and geo-enable their offerings.”

“The Government’s liberalisation of Geospatial data regulatory frameworks will fire up India’s innovation ecosystem, democratising Indian innovators’ access to this crucial dataset. Via the GeoInnovation 2022 programme, the AGNIi Mission will partner with Indian Geospatial technology startups, enterprises, and researchers to explore how our innovators can transform enterprise, economy, and governance.”

Girish Shivani, Executive Director and Fund Manager, YourNest, also expressed his company’s delight at being a part of GeoInnovation 2022. He shared, “The GIS market is driven by the adoption of Cloud, AI/ML, AR, and VR, as well as other emerging technologies, and this is exactly what our focus has been at YourNest.

Esri India is already doing pioneering work in the field, encouraging startups with early-age technology support. Startups like DronaMaps, Saartha Labs, Genesis Ray and iSpatial Techno Solutions are just some successful participants of earlier GeoInnovation programmes.