USAC Develops a Geospatial Application to Locate Covid-19 Infected People

The Uttarakhand Space Application Centre (USAC) has developed a geospatial application to locate Covid-19 infected people in Dehradun. Based on Web-GIS application, this application will prove very crucial for administration in taking crucial decisions like the declaration of containment zones in quick time.

Talking to Hindustan Times, MPS Bisht, Director USAC said, “the geospatial application developed by us will be very helpful to the administration as it could provide real-time data of the total number of Covid-19 positive people in any specific area of the city. If the authorities want to declare an area as a containment zone by knowing the number of infected people, they could do that just by feeding their query in the application and take a decision accordingly with the results provided. ”The application is also able to provide the data on the number of infected people on gender and age segregation as well,” added Bist.

Data for the application has been provided by the Dehradun district administration and the health department on the people who have tested positive for the disease.

The application developed over a period of one week could also enable any common man to see how many people are infected with the virus in the area he or she is living in. It is yet to be launched after it a review by the Dehradun district administration.