India Geospatial Leadership Summit 2022 is in the offing: Here’s Why You Must Attend

The clarion call for a $5 trillion economy is a challenge that necessitates due focus on key sectors from the ground up. The vision of Agenda 2030 and the $5 trillion economy converge down the line for building a sustainable and inclusive nation that leaves no one behind, encompassing economic empowerment, improved ease of living, universalized access to nutrition, health, and education and developing capabilities for entrepreneurship and employment.

Bringing to the Fore Technologies that make a Difference: India Geospatial Leadership Summit

Geospatial information and technologies are a key enabler of this vision, helping understand the situation on the ground, analysing it, and making decisions about how to better the roll-out of critical development projects. Infrastructure development, health, agriculture, manufacturing and logistics, natural resource management, urban and rural development, governance, and national security are just a few of the domains where geospatial technologies have proved to be critical.

With this massive potential and efficacy of geospatial technologies in mind, the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI India) is conducting its annual industry conclave – the India Geospatial Leadership Summit (IGLS) 2022 around the theme “Geospatial Technologies Supporting Economic Development“.

The much-anticipated event is a yearly ritual for the broad Geospatial industry – users, innovators, service providers, researchers, learners, and associations alike – to discuss and deliberate, network and socialise, discover and grow. In 2021, this summit was conducted virtually with the theme of ‘Water Security’. Earlier Leadership summits have been held at Survey of India– Dehradun, IHC – New Delhi, Udaipur, and Goa.

Network with the Nation’s Decision Makers at IGLS 2022!

IGLS 2022 is expected to see participation from about 300 participants, including senior diplomats and officials from central and state governments, senior officers from national mapping agencies, AGI India members, professionals from non-member companies, professionals from allied technologies, researchers, academicians, and more!

For someone who is part of this industry or is looking to establish one-on-one, in-person connections with leaders from the public and private sectors, there could be no better opportunity than the 2-day leadership summit to be hosted on April 25 and 26, 2022 at Hotel Eros, Nehru Place, New Delhi.

The Event Pipeline: Here’s What to Expect

The Indian geospatial industry has experienced no less than a revolution in the last few years, thanks to improvements in numerous legislations surrounding it.

Leveraging this momentum, AGI has put together a vibrant mix of sessions and networking opportunities for IGLS 2022, to ensure that Geospatial technologies are optimally utilised for key national and state-level programmes while developing a stronger understanding of user requirements and addressing some of the existing roadblocks that challenge us in conducting business and providing support to the government.

User-focused sessions setting and connecting priorities for the rollout of key national and state-level programmes using Geospatial technologies. To know more about IGLS 2022 sessions, click here.

Tech talk diving into the need for greater accuracy, precision, and quality of Geospatial data across government and private agencies

Panel discussion featuring thought leaders across industry and academia discussing strategies for developing much-needed Geospatial skillsets in the professional pool

Social and networking opportunities to help strengthen and consolidate the Geospatial industry, and open new avenues for ideas, collaborations, and growth

A touch of fun and engagement at the networking lunch and various receptions on both days of the India Geospatial Leadership Summit!

Why should I attend the India Geospatial Leadership Summit?

Government organisations and professionals will find the leadership summit as the right platform to make their voice heard and brainstorm with other leaders for a better future for Geospatial, which in turn will translate into faster, better development across sectors like infrastructure development, urban management and utilities, water resources, land administration, disaster management, and more. IGLS 2022 will also see distribution of the prestigious AGI India Awards for government and private user organisations doing exemplary work across the above-mentioned sectors and beyond.

Researchers and academicians can present their encouraging thought leadership and opinions before the industry and user organisations, while also absorbing information on new products, trends, and ideologies that the former have to offer. Institutes can also partner with AGI on a non-financial basis for the event and extend their support to the initiative.

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Geospatial and allied tech companies can leverage the India Geospatial Leadership Summit to connect and network directly with decision-makers from national and state governments, national mapping agencies, and multiple user organisations, while also voicing their passions, interests, queries, solutions, and innovations.

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Technology enthusiasts will have plenty of opportunities to learn, discover, connect, and share at IGLS 2022, which is expected to see over 50+ presentations by industry and users, covering a wide range of relevant topics.

Startups can expect unprecedented networking opportunities with the Geospatial and technology industries and beyond. The IGLS 2022 can be the perfect platform for culminating and discussing fresh ideas, while also engaging in one-on-one mentorships to sustain visionary startups.

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Journalists can take back with them a plethora of ideas, activities, and conversations from the event on themes that are going to be evermore relevant in the coming days – the advent of sunrise technologies such as Geospatial, and their potential for charting sustainable economic development in the country. At the same time, IGLS 2022 can be the right platform for media establishments to network with government and private sector leaders at large, placing themselves as market pioneers before a luminary crowd.

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How to register for the India Geospatial Leadership Summit 2022?

First, visit the IGLS 2022 web page to view the fees for attending the event. Then, write to to register for the leadership summit.

How to nominate my/another organisation for the AGI India Awards 2022?

Fill this form: to nominate your/another user organisation (government or private) for the AGI India Awards 2022. Last date for filling the form is April 10, 2022.

I want to sponsor for the event. What should I do?

The India Geospatial Leadership Summit 2022 has various sponsorship tiers for this year’s event. You can learn more about them and book the suitable tier for yourself by writing to We are pleased to share with you that Google, Esri India, Hexagon, HERE Technologies, Marvel Geospatial Solutions, and SECON have already taken up various sponsorship levels for IGLS 2022 this year.

I want to partner for the event on a non-financial basis and extend my support to it through promotions and networking. How do I do that?

AGI is accepting different partnerships (Government, Institution, Academia, Media, Industry Association) for IGLS 2022, each on a non-financial basis with the objective of co-promotion and networking. Write to to opt for a partnership and extend your moral support to this initiative.