GalaxEye MOU

GalaxEye Space to Build World’s First Spacecraft with both SAR and Optical Sensors

September 16, 2022 (Thursday): AGI startup member GalaxEye Space has signed an agreement with California-based satellite software supplier Antaris to construct the world’s first spacecraft with both SAR and optical sensors. The MOU highlights a partnership between the US-based satellite software vendor three Indian space leaders—GalaxEye, Ananth Technologies, and XDLINX Labs.

Typically, satellite constellation operators deploy specialized satellites to collect specific data kinds. Because each image or data point is collected at a different time and from a different place, it is difficult to correlate data from several satellites. This frequently leads to users losing a significant amount of time attempting to make sense of data given by a plethora of satellites.

The MoU plans to address this long-standing issue for remote sensing data users. For the first time, the new multi-sensor satellite created under the MOU will collect both SAR and optical data from the same satellite. This advancement will enhance the ability to correlate data as well as its analytical utility. The generated databases will be extremely valuable for environmental, insurance, and defense purposes.

The datasets so produced will be especially valuable to environmental, insurance, and defense applications. Antaris will supply the SaaS technology platform required to design, simulate, manufacture, and maintain the GalaxEye earth observation satellite, which is expected to be launched by 2023, along with its onboard Drishti sensor under the terms of the deal.

Ananth Technologies will supply manufacturing capabilities as well as assembly, integration, and testing services. The spacecraft bus and supply chain integration services will be designed by XDLINX Labs, a member of the Antaris Marketplace.

Suyash Singh, CEO of GalaxEye shared his thoughts on the collaboration, “We strongly believe that our combined expertise will result in a successful mission of GalaxEye’s satellite which will provide superior geospatial imagery to our customers. This start-up collaboration in the space sector in India will be further strengthened through support from ISRO and IN-SPACe. This MOU will be marked as the first milestone.”

Antaris’ Co-founder and CEO, Tom Barton, talked about the partnership, “The Antaris software platform was specifically designed as an end-to-end solution to help dramatically simplify the design, build and management of satellites. he opportunity to join forces with our friends at Ananth Technologies, GalaxEye and XDLINX to provide a breakthrough solution for a multi-payload satellite imaging constellation is a great example of what our flexible platform was designed to do.”