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India Geospatial Leadership Summit (IGLS) 2022

Theme: Geospatial Technologies Supporting Economic Growth

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The past few years have been quite revolutionary for the Geospatial industry in India with several policies impacting the industry being revised and opened up. We have begun witnessing a remarkable acknowledgment of the importance of Geospatial data and technologies by the Indian Government, be its mention by the Hon’ble Prime Minister during the 75th Independence Day Speech or that of Hon’ble Finance Minister during Union Budget 2022. This is followed by several initiatives that ministries are taking in the implementation and use of the technology.

Leveraging this momentum, the Association of Geospatial Industries, as the apex industry body for the Geospatial industry will host IGLS-2022 to ensure optimal utilization of Geospatial technologies for key national and state-level programmes while developing a stronger understanding of the user requirements and addressing some of the existing roadblocks that challenge us in conducting business and offering support to the government.

Theme: Geospatial Technologies Supporting Economic Growth

Home to one-sixth of all humanity, India holds the key to the success of the ambitious ‘Agenda 2030’. With inclusive growth for the ‘whole of society’ as its national development agenda, the country’s deep commitment to the SDGs must be reflected across national, state, and local governments, civil society organizations, local communities, and the private sector.

At the same time, the clarion call for achieving a $5 trillion economy is a challenge that requires focus on core segments right from the grassroots level. From economic empowerment to improved ease of living, from universalized access to nutrition, health, and education to developing capabilities for entrepreneurship and employment, the vision of Agenda 2030 and $5 Trillion economy converge down the line for building a sustainable and inclusive nation that leaves no one behind.

Geospatial information and technologies play an integral role in understanding the situation at the ground, its analysis, and facilitating decisions for improvements in the roll-out of key development programs. Some of the areas where geospatial technologies play a crucial role are infrastructure development, health, agriculture, manufacturing and logistics, natural resource management, urban and rural development, governance, and national security. With this consideration, the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI India) is hosting its India Geospatial Leadership Summit (IGLS) 2022 around the theme: “Geospatial Technologies Supporting Economic Development”.

India Geospatial Leadership Summit 2022


April 25, 2022


Session 1: Geospatial Technologies Supporting National Programmes
The ambitious goal of becoming a $5 Trillion economy can only be achieved by strategic and planned development and investments in various sectors fuelling the economy. A sound and robust Geospatial Infrastructure and access to accurate, quality, and timely data are essential for any business or government programme to succeed. This Panel will deliberate on the ‘how’s’ and the ‘why’s’ of leveraging Geospatial infrastructure and authoritative data for key national development programmes.

Session 2: Empowering State-Level Programmes with Geospatial Technologies
As a federated country, the collective economic growth of states is essential for the country to achieve its financial and social milestones. While states hold responsibilities for numerous functions across sectors, like water, local governance, land management, etc., their proficiency in utilising the power of Geospatial technology is not consistent and equal. To transform the planning, implementation, and monitoring of governance in Indian states, an all-in-one Enterprise GIS solution could offer state governments the benefits of authentic real-time information, instant communications, data sharing, scalable evaluations, and more across sectors like emergency response, urban planning, and management of natural resources, energy, infrastructure, and utilities. This session will focus on the potential of geospatial technologies for states and the strategies for deployment and maintaining them.

Session 3: Leveraging Cloud and IT Infrastructure for Geospatial Implementation
Geospatial data availability and utility have become more pervasive in recent times, demanding greater accuracy, precision, and quality, thus leading to the need for upgraded IT infrastructure across government and private agencies. This session will see discussions on the challenges and solutions around computational and data management technologies for Geospatial data, including advanced developments in the field of cloud infrastructure, big data, artificial intelligence, and more.


April 26, 2022


Session 4: Harnessing the Power of Remote Sensing data for Economic Development
Remote Sensing technologies have seen several advancements in the digital ecosystem. Combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, and by utilising Big Data analytics, they offer customised and nuanced solutions to users from diverse domains ranging from agriculture, insurance, marketing, security, climate change, and more. This panel will include some of the latest advancements as well as innovative use that Remote Sensing Data can be applied to for sustainable economic development.

Closing Panel: Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Strategies for Developing Geospatial Skill sets
The pace of adoption and applications of Geospatial data and technologies is much higher now than we saw in the earlier decades. The infusion of advanced technologies like data science and analytics is leading to the convergence of geoinformatics and computer science. This has led to the requirement of new skills and competencies. There is a need to step up the efforts and transform university-level education to meet the immediate and near-future requirements. The closing panel of IGLS 2022 will attempt to address this major gap and discuss strategies for developing the next generation of future-ready Geospatial resources and skills.

Target Audience


About 200 participants were present at IGLS 2022. The profile of participants is expected to cover:

  • Senior diplomats and officials from central and state governments
  • Senior officers from National Mapping Agencies
  • AGI India members
  • Professionals from non-member companies
  • Professionals from allied technologies
  • Researchers and Academicians

AGI India Awards

AGI conferred excellence awards to government or private user organizations of Geospatial Technologies doing exceptional work using Geospatial data and technologies through the AGI India Awards during IGLS-2022. Projects that are ongoing or completed in the past two-year period and have shown tangible social and economic outcomes were invited for nomination.
There were multiple categories open this year for the AGI Awards, including:
1. Infrastructure Development
2. Urban Management
3. Urban Utilities
4. Water Resources
5. Land Administration, and
6. Disaster Management.
Nominees were allowed to mention any other category not mentioned above. 
This nomination form can be filled by anyone, either nominating their own work or on behalf of another user organization. An independent expert panel will review the entries, and the winners will be announced on April 25 2022 during the India Geospatial Leadership Summit. Winners will receive a certificate of merit from AGI India and an award trophy.
Last Date for AGI Awards Nominations: April 10, 2022.





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