PPPs for Geospatial Sector
17Dec 2021

Public Private Partnerships for the Geospatial Sector Need Alignment and Vision

Public private partnerships (PPPs) are a popular framework of private sector engagement while acknowledging the structure and role of the government. The relatively new concept, however, has so far been recognized for traditional sectors like construction, transportation, and utilities alone, the primary reason being the clearly visible benefits at the end of the tunnel. PPPs …

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Geospatial Information for COVID-19
30Nov 2021

Geospatial Information behind Effective Pandemic Management and Community Resilience

In her keynote address at the framework of the 7th Session of the UN-GGIM: Americas, the Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena talked about the importance of Geospatial information in pandemic management, “because it allows for vulnerability to be determined using a disaggregated view of the …

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LiDAR and its Applications
12Nov 2021

LiDAR and its Applications

In recent news, the Airport Authority of India used aerial LiDAR survey to explore the feasibility of a runway in the under-progress greenfield airport in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The Kerala Rail Development Corporation is also undertaking a LiDAR survey of the Sabari Rail Project in Kerala’s Ernakulam to study buildings, bridges, forests, vegetation and smaller …

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Encouragement to Geospatial Data, Solutions and Products by the Government of India
31Oct 2021

Encouragement to Geospatial Data, Solutions and Products by the Government of India

In line with its transformative vision of a self-reliant and digitally-empowered India, the Central Government has given a much-needed push to the democratization, advancement and integration of Geospatial technologies, data and services in the country. This reinforced Geospatial ecosystem, to be anchored by the promising private sector, is being envisioned as a critical component of …

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Application of Geospatial Technology for Disaster Management
13Oct 2021

The Application of Geospatial Technology for Effective Disaster Management 

The threat to life and property from natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and so on, have been pertinent since times immemorial. However, rapid technological advancements have exponentially improved our collective ability to respond to these inevitable risks over the past few decades. Spearheading this competence through efficient and …

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New Drone Rules 2021
06Sep 2021

Progressive New Drone Rules Pave The Way for Advanced Surveying and Mapping in India

Mapping and surveying techniques are the lifelines of Geospatial technology, contributing to and integrated by an array of industries. From logistics and supply chain management to predictive risk assessment, monitoring environmental conditions, tracking infectious diseases and data-driven land management, among others, are the areas in which Geospatial technologies are spearheading revolution. In this light, the …

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Geospatial Technology for Railways Asset Management
19Aug 2021

The Role of Geospatial Technologies in Railways Asset Management

The distressing COVID-19 pandemic and India’s stringent lockdown, saw the Indian Railways emerge as a beacon of hope. Through a three-pronged approach, the national transportation lifeline helped sustain essential logistics management, transportation of migrant workers through “Shramik” trains, and setting up of isolation coaches for treating mild, non-intensive care patients, in a bid to meet the …

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