Enabling Logistics Digitalization for Supply Chain Automation Company using Location-Based Services

The trucking and logistics industry has been long overdue for a technology overhaul. The industry demands efficiency, trust, transparency and real-time information. Different stakeholders have nuanced roles to play in the network, and these unique personas need innovative solutions that work for them.

TRANSO, an automation technology platform company for supply chain and logistics services providers reached out to HERE Technologies to co-develop a solution to reduce time spent guessing the estimated time of arrivals by monitoring the location and condition of shipments, reduce costs for logistics companies with real-time asset visibility and improve the planning process and event prediction to enhance stakeholder collaboration, risk mitigation, agility and project optimization.

HERE Location Services (HLS) helped TRANSO and end customers deliver logistics efficiently, enabling more deliveries per vehicle which translates to a reduction in the cost of goods sold while reducing the carbon footprint, saving time, improving customer experiences, and ultimately creating more value.

Problem Statement

Lengthy delivery times or uninformed arrival times can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction for logistics and supply chain companies. Last-mile delivery providers relied on manual inputs to drivers to orient them to the schedule of deliveries and leave the delivery routing to their best knowledge of the locations. Scheduling dispatches and providing an optimal trip sheet to drivers was one of the top challenges in the given case example.


HERE’s location-based solution offerings helped the logistics service provers improve total delivery time and provide near-real-time updates to end customers. HERE Routing and Navigation solutions helped to select routes for different modes of transportation, optimize routes by using over 100 parameters, dynamically update ETAs and provide turn-by-turn guidance.

HERE Tour Planning solution helped to cost- or time-optimize tours for all vehicles in a fleet, incorporating vehicle type and capacity, to maximize utilization. HERE Last Mile solution Increased efficiency by using accurate geocoding and addressing for delivery locations. It defined job constraints, priorities and availability windows to help reduce idle time.

Key Outcomes

Combined with the new HERE Location Services based navigation experience to drivers, multiple end customers that include 3PL, 4PL, manufacturers, Distributors, Warehouses, Ports, Transporters, and Fleet Operators that use the TRANSO application have increased the accuracy of ETAs by up to 25%, reduced fleet operating costs by up to 21%, increased stops per route by up to 30% to make fleets more productive.

Backed with HERE Location Services, the TRANSO application now has:

  • Digital trip sheet on the App with optimal drop sequence.
  • Drop-wise map navigation to drivers, location address and receiver contact details.
  • Arrival notifications with better location accuracy via HERE Maps.
  • Auto trip end, manual trip end with OTP and PoD upload feature.
  • Near real-time trip, status updates to the users.
  • Nearby points of interest data for refuelling and emergencies