AGI signs MOU with IITTNiF for Geospatial Advocacy, Innovation, and Research

February 07, 2023, New Delhi: India’s Geospatial industry body – the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI), and the IIT Tirupati Navavishkar I-Hub Foundation (IITTNiF) Technology Innovation Hub at IIT Tirupati – have signed a Memorandums of Understanding for collectively elevating the adoption of Geospatial technologies and applications in the country.

Over the past few decades, Geospatial technologies have become fundamentally important for a number of industries, guiding cutting-edge intelligence, automation, and advanced data systems. By 2030, the Geospatial private sector in India is expected to create 2.2 million employment and infuse Rs. 1 lakh crores into the national economy. A growing interest in Geospatial adoption is shown by governments across the nation, as evidenced by favorable policies, public-private collaborations, and tech-first development efforts.

To realize this vision, it is essential to address the significant innovation challenges within the Indian Geospatial sector, including a low number of startups engaged in Geospatial product development, gaps between technology innovation and industry demand, and lack of in-depth understanding of cross-sectoral Geospatial applications. Focus on boosting innovation in the sector will not just help tackle these challenges but also lead to exploring advanced applications, developing new problem statements, and fostering high-end scientific research and development.

Under their MoU for innovation-centric cooperation, AGI and IITTNiF will undertake multiple joint efforts to accomplish these objectives. AGI and its diverse member ecosystem, together with IITTNiF will also strive to jointly identify areas requiring targeted interventions, develop in-depth research reports, and organize such activities as certification training programs, roundtable stakeholders meetings, etc. that serve the common purpose.

On this occasion, Roshan Srivastav, Project Director (IITTNiF) and Faculty of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, IIT Tirupati said, “As a technical innovation hub focused on emerging technologies, IITTNiF is dedicated to promoting innovation and nurturing the immense potential the country’s talent in Positioning and Precision Technologies. We recognize Geospatial technologies as a key enabler for driving efficiency, productivity, and resilience across sectors, and we look forward to the technology’s adoption reaching far and wide. Through this MOU with AGI, we hope to enable and establish gateways that facilitate industry and demand readiness among budding entrepreneurs.”

Mr. Pramod Kaushik, President AGI, also welcomed the collaboration with IITTNiF and remarked, “By making current and reliable spatial data easily accessible for a range of uses, the Geospatial industry significantly boosts the socioeconomic strength of the country. AGI is a major supporter of Geospatial adoption and advocacy, being the only industry body for the Geospatial industry in India. We enjoy significant representation from the biggest, most innovative enterprises, SMEs, and startups in the field. In order to increase technology adoption and foster cutting-edge Geospatial innovation across the nation, we look forward to successful collaborations with the IITTNiF.”

About IIT Tirupati Navavishkar I-Hub Foundation

IITTNiF is set up to host the Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) in Positioning and Precision Technologies (PPT). The project is funded by the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), Department of Science and Technology (DST), India. The TIH will provide a unique platform for researchers, industries, stakeholders, and end-users across multiple disciplines in PPT. The TIH aims to become a top contributor to many Government of India initiatives such as Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, and Start-up Ecosystem making India a self-reliant in PPT. The TIH will follow a technology life cycle approach, addressing all stages viz. Knowledge-Development-Translation-Commercialization in the PPT Technologies. Besides, the TIH will align with the country’s National Geospatial Policy 2022 for empowering citizens and bringing inclusive growth by mapping, monitoring, and analyzing the interplay between the various socio-economic factors that supports the sustainable development of the country.

About the Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI)

AGI India is an industry-led non-profit non-government professional organization that represents the interests of the geospatial industry in India and works towards the advancement of geospatial technologies and their applications. The voice of the Geospatial industry in India, AGI works towards the higher adoption of geospatial technologies across sectors, policy advocacy, and skill and capacity development, amongst other objectives. Established in 2009, the Association of Geospatial Industries is headquartered in New Delhi, India.


Ms. Sakshi Singh

Manager – Communications & Partnerships, AGI


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