National Geospatial Policy (NGP)

National Geospatial Policy (NGP)

Geospatial Information Policies play a key role in addressing legal and administrative requirements which enable easy access, data quality, ownership clarity and integrity of Geospatial Information (GI). With Geospatial Information becoming ubiquitous, the need for a single comprehensive, co-ordinated and cohesive GI policy is an imperative. Considering the need for one NGP, AGI Governing Council decided to set up a Working Committee for National Geospatial Policy.

The committee comprises:

Rajan Aiyer
Trimble Navigation Pvt. Ltd.

M.S. Rajathumani

Ashish Arora

Megha Datta
Geospatial Media & Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Focus on developing a holistic National Geospatial Policy as well as provide advisory services to various stakeholders on development of National Geospatial Information Infrastructure.