AGI Membership is available across multiple categories to address the requirements of diverse member segments.


Category Revised Fees One-time Admission or Re-admission Fees
Patron Member (restricted category)  Rs.5,00,000  Rs.25,000
Corporate T3 (with turnover more than 50Cr)  Rs.2,50,000  Rs.10,000
Corporate T2 (with turnover between 10Cr & 50Cr)  Rs.1,25,000  Rs.7,500
Corporate T1 (with turnover less than 10Cr)  Rs.65,000  Rs.5,000
Start-ups ( turnover less than 3Cr & who are less than 3 years old)  Rs.10,000  NIL
Associate (for-profit Geospatial User Organizations )  Rs.30,000  NIL
Affiliate (Not-for-profit Geospatial User Organizations )  Rs.15,000  NIL
Professional Member (in individual capacity only )  Rs.7,500  NIL