AGI had a meeting with Mr. Y.S. Chaudhary

AGI had a meeting with Mr. Y.S. Chaudhary – Minister of Science & Technology, Government of India at India Geospatial Forum
February 9, 2015 | Hyderabad

The Governing Council of Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) had a special meeting with Mr. Y.S. Chaudhary – Minister of Science & Technology, Government of India at IGF on 9th Feb 2015 Hyderabad . Mr. Chaudhary applauded the efforts of the Indian Geospatial Industry for helping the government realize the benefits of this technology over the years. He said that the time is opportune that Rural India also join into reap the benefits of this technology. He said that Geospatial technology plays important role in several of the Government of India initiatives such as Geo-tagging of assets both in urban and rural areas, Swach Bharat scheme for installation of Toilets, Digital India where National GIS is an important pillar under e-Kranti.

He said the Geospatial technology should become integral part of health delivery systems (primary, secondary and super specialty services. Right from geo-tagging of health centers to navigating citizens to reach the nearest hospitals and health centers in time, to preventive maintenance of disease outbreak, Geospatial Technology can be integrated in all the aspects of better delivery of health services and also reduce the cost of delivery of medical and health care.

Education is another important area, he felt Geospatial technologies can bring change and emphasized the need to use geospatial technologies at each level of education to improve the quality & training/skill development.

He also stressed that geospatial technologies now need to come out of the silos, integrate with other systems and become a part of the day-to-day functioning of the Government. He suggested that Industry should come up with innovative solutions & talk to Govt. to make sure that benefits of Geospatial technology reach the masses. He said that we have to make sure that Private Sector and Government partner with each other to deliver effective citizen services powered by Geospatial Technologies.

He urged AGI to come up with the mechanism to support the Government in taking Geospatial technology usage to masses.