AGI & Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILR MP) – National Workshop : A Report
July 15– 16, 2016 | Bangalore

Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Land Resources (DoLR) organized a National workshop – Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) which was held on 15thand 16th July 2016 in The Capitol Hotel, Bangalore.
Mr. Vijay S. Madan, Secretary, DoLR – Ministry of Rural Development inaugurated this workshop.Mr. Basava Raju, Principal Secretary, Revenue Department – Government of Karnataka delivered welcome address. This event was conducted by Mr. Hukum Singh Meena, Joint Secretary, Land Records Division, Department of Land Resources.
Principal Secretaries, Revenue Secretaries and IGR officials of different state Governments attended this National Workshop. AGI and its members were also invited to participate in this crucial workshop. This gave an opportunity for interactions between Government departments and Geospatial Industry.
First day of the workshop focused on restructuring DILRMP as well as release the National Common Generic Software for land registration. Mr. Hukum Singh Meena, Joint Secretary, Department of Land Resource presented an overview of re-structured DI-LRMP programme. He talked about the significance of this programme which will now also include Urban Land Records along with Rural Land Records and the outcome work towards Conclusive titling.
The Workshop included presentations from

  • Government of Karnataka on “Land Records – Best Practices”
  • Government of Jharkhand on “Service delivery using DILRMP Data – New initiative”
  • Conclusive titling and Aadhar seeding on RoR – Best Practices”
  • National Informatics Centre (NIC), Pune on “Status implementation of NGRS with time schedule”

AGI, Director-Research, Dr. Yogita Shukla presented AGI’s vision for “Geo-enabled Integrated Land Records Information and Management System” in this event. This presentation gave a holistic approach of using Geospatial Technologies as an enabler for an integrated Land Records Information and Management system. The presentation also gave an overview on the implementation of Large and Enterprise Geospatial Information system in an end to end process workflows for Land Records Information and Management.
Ms. Megha Dutta, Director APAC, Geospatial Media and Communications also addressed the session on Global experiences and best practices for moving from the deed to title system of Land records.
On the second day, World Bank presented Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF). LGAF is a tool which helps in evaluating legal framework, policies and practices regarding land governance and to monitor improvement over time. These valuable inputs will support Indian Land Governance system to step into Global standard.
This workshop was summed up by submitting the Annual Action Plan by the States/ UTs.

Dated: 20/07/2016