Code of conduct of AGI Members

  • AGI Members will conduct their business maintaining the high standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism and competence.
  • AGI Members will abide by and comply with the laws and regulations and incorporate good governance practices. This will include but not be limited to use of licensed and legal software and hardware. Will not misinform or mislead through its communications, collaterals or any other interactions.
  • AGI Members will be open and co-operate in AGI’s initiatives without trying to push for personal or individual organizational gains and will encourage and promote professional behavior with member companies.
  • AGI Members will be an equal opportunity and impartial employer neither practicing nor permitting discrimination including discrimination on race, gender, age, disability, religion, caste or beliefs in their organization.
  • AGI Members will, while pursuing initiatives for collaboration with like-minded industry bodies and associations, take necessary steps to ensure that the intellectual property of AGI and objectives of AGI are furthered.

Signing members

Code of Ethics and Conduct for Association of Geospatial Industries Members