26May 2021

How can geospatial help in forest management?

Forests are the containers of ecology. Apart from providing us air to breathe and wood for multi-purposes, they provide habitats for animals, offer watershed protection, prevent soil erosion, and mitigate climate change. Forests are an integral part of our ecosystem that supports life, economies, and societies. They provide a wide range of services which include …

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24May 2021

Geospatial technologies for Electric Utilities

Electricity consumption is an important indicator of national development. 24×7 electricity availability in India will ensure success in many mission-mode projects like the Smart Cities Mission, AMRUT, Make in India, Digital India, and others. The World Bank includes ‘Getting Electricity’ as one of the 10 topics for ranking countries on Ease of Doing Business. India …

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18May 2021

Upcoming Satellite Launches by ISRO

Indian Space Research Organization has planned to launch seven satellites in the year 2021. 4 out of 7 satellites are Earth observation satellites including one for ocean study and another one will join the constellation of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. Once launched, these satellites will provide critical data that have applications in agriculture, water …

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31Mar 2021

Reducing Non-Revenue Water through Geospatial Technologies

Last year, water officially joined gold and oil as a traded commodity on the Wall Street. This move has accentuated our fear that we are fast heading towards a world where this precious natural resource has become extremely scarce, and as a result highly precious. No wonder city administrators are striving to ensure every drop …

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19Mar 2021

New Geospatial Policy Guidelines and its impact on Nation

February 15th, 2021 was a phenomenal day for the Geospatial industry in India. It was the day when the Department of Science and Technology released the Guidelines for acquiring and producing Geospatial Data and Geospatial Data Services including Maps. Acknowledging the integral role that location information plays in the development of an economy, the Government …

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22Feb 2021

AGI India Water Awards Recognize Exemplary Work in Water Sector

February 20, 2021, New Delhi, India: On the sidelines of India Geospatial Leadership Summit 2021, the Association of Geospatial Industries, India announced the AGI Water Awards on February 16, 2021. The awards were conferred for exemplary work done for Irrigation Management, Urban Water Management, Capacity Development and Water Conservation. The objective of the award was …

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18Jan 2021

How technologies can help India fight the issue of water scarcity

As a rapidly developing and second most populous country in the world, India is facing a severe water crisis. Home to about 17% of the world population, and around 20% of the world’s livestock population, India has access to only about 4% of the world’s freshwater reserves. Increasing population and rapid urbanization are putting the …

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30Dec 2020

Factors hindering growth of construction industry in India

The construction industry is one of the largest in India that accounts for 9% share in the county’s GDP. It employs over 30 million people and creates assets worth over ₹ 200 billion. Major construction activities in the country are power generation projects, transport infrastructure that is building of roads, highways, railways, and export and import cargo. Development  initiatives …

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28Dec 2020

Role of Geospatial Technologies in Solid Waste Management

Rapid urbanization and industrialization in India have heightened solid waste generation giving tough time to urban local bodies in keeping cities clean. Waste generated from households and industries are mostly disposed in open space leading to serious environmental problems. The practice leads to serious health risk like burning eyes, respiratory diseases, skin problem, malaria, dengue, …

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14Sep 2020

Co-creating Economic and Social Value with Remote Sensing Data

Space has become an important part of our way of life today. Today, we have a large number of satellites available, which are making their valuable contribution in the development of different sectors, such as agriculture, defense, security, disaster management, communication, weather, navigation, education, etc.” “We have to adopt modern technology to face the challenges of …

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