Neeranchal Planning and Design Workshop, organised jointly by World Bank and Department of Land Resources
April, 9–10, 2013


AGI was invited to Neeranchal Planning and Design Workshop organised jointly by World Bank and Department of Land Resources. In the workshop four sub groups were created on each of the thematic areas led by a lead discussant and a facilitator. Each group

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involved experts on these specific themes to discuss and deliberate and present some key action areas that needs to be taken up in each priority area under Neeranchal project. AGI Fellow, Dr. Yogita Shukla represented AGI as Lead Discussant in the workshop for the sub group on Strengthening forward linkages for farmers and shared her thoughts in the plenary presentation.

The sub group then discussed in detail to formulate detailed guidelines to strengthen forward linkages for farmers and presented tangible recommendations on Strengthening forward linkages for farmers. The major recommendations were:

1. Creation of “Neeranchal Knowledge Bank” – Repository of best practices

2. Establishing “Neeranchal Innovation Forum” focused on forward linkages – Nurturing, recognizing and rewarding

3. Creation of forward linkage fund

4. Institutional Framework and capacity building- inclusive/ equitable

Department and Land Resources have expressed their desire to engage AGI as an advisor to them for Neeranchal Project as well as Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) Project.