AGI LMA Committee Workshop on New Paradigms in Spatial Data Production and Dissemination: A Report
November 27, 2014 | Radisson Blu Plaza New Delhi

With the paradigm shift in user requirements,demandingfor “Smart Maps” which are more content specific, Government as well as industry are now embarking, as never before on several national programs requiring good and relevant spatial data sets at the core.This provides an appropriate backdrop for the emerging trend and methodologies in spatial data production and dissemination to be assessed

Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI), a not-for-profit, premier body of the Geospatial Industries in India therefore conducted a One-day Workshop to present the New Paradigms in Spatial Data Production and Dissemination.

The workshop provided a forum to discuss and deliberate with key National Mapping Organisations on the way forward for building a comprehensive workflow to organise, store and manage the entire geospatial database for use in national enterprise programs of the country.

The workshop was also aimed at:

  • Creating awareness among the National Mapping Organisations of the New Paradigms in Spatial Data Production and Dissemination
  • Exposing the NMOson new Map Requirements that are driven by the applications and user requirements
  • Orientation of the NMOs towards delivering Industry Oriented Solutions.

The workshop commenced with the President AGI, Mr. Rajesh Mathur, welcoming the participants as he outlined the objective of the workshop. He also thanked Surveyor General Dr. Swarna Subba Rao and Deputy Director General, NIC, Dr. Vandana Sharma for taking time out to participate and address this pioneering initiative. He predicted that the future need would call for National Mapping Agencies and State Space Application Centres as well as geospatial technology and services providers to collaborate and adopt an integrated approach as a key to providing an end-to-end perspective for spatial data usage in mainstream applications.

Mr. Mathur also informed participants that AGI comprises of members drawn from across the entire spectrum of geospatial technologies and therefore represents the integrated approach to implementation of geospatial technologies. AGI, through his workshop, would therefore be able to both educate the participants on the new and emerging trends as well as share the collective knowledge of the industry with them. He further highlighted thatspatial data creation would move towards becoming a key provider of geospatially enabled services which would align with the user demands. He shared the global trend where the paradigm is now shifting from delivery of spatial data to delivery of geospatial information services.

Surveyor General of India, Dr Swarna Subba Rao delivered the inaugural address at the workshop highlighting the key role Survey of India has been playing in the mapping industry. He also emphasized upon the fact that with the emerging trends, Survey of India will have to also transform its role of being a strategic agency and will need to bring about enabling policies to deliver relevant data in the changing environment.

Dr Vandana Sharma, cited the example of Gujarat, where the vision of one person had brought about the change enabling state wide adoption of geospatial technologies. She also highlighted the need for an integrated approach between all stakeholders from government, users and industry as well as realizing this vision at National Level.

The workshop was attended by key National Mapping agencies such as Survey of India, Census, National Informatics Centre, National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, Jharkhand Space Applications Centre and key industry members of Geospatial Industry, bringing together all the stakeholders at one forum.

The workshop was also uniquely structured with an aim to educate the technical leaders in the Global trends and the leading geospatial technologies with a reference to their relevance in context to India.

The workshop was structured into two technical sessionsnamely New Paradigms in Spatial Data Acquisition, Processing and Integration conducted by Manoj Misra and New Paradigms in Spatial Data Visualisation and Modelling conducted by Aswani Akella.