Major objectives

  1. Identify and address common concerns and interest of the Indian geospatial industry
  2. Raise societal awareness of, and utility of, Geospatial Technologies and the economics opportunities it offers to the citizen, firms, and the governments through appropriate awareness, education and capacity building programs
  3. Liaise and coordinate with other professional bodies to build awareness and rouse the brand value of Indian geospatial industry in India and abroad
  4. Facilitate interactions and discussions within various stakeholders of the Indian geospatial industry
  5. Develop linkages and industry interface with educational institutions and work to bring synergy between industry requirements and educational programs
  6. Identify potential growth and foster business opportunities for geospatial and related industry
  7. Develop and design common minimum standards and ethics to be followed while conducting business
Ancillary objectives

  1. Consult, coordinate and advise its members on issues of common interest to geospatial industry
  2. Initiate ideas, support and facilitate research in order to develop the technology and its trade
  3. Network with international geospatial associations and agencies to promote and strengthen its capacities in international markets
  4. Work towards introduction of more relevant course curriculum in Indian academia
  5. Organize training and education programs on policy and building aspects of geospatial technology
  6. Create awareness about employment opportunities for the professionals in the field
  7. Organize conferences / symposiums/ seminars/ workshops/ road shows on geospatial and related technologies and its applications at national and international levels
  8. Bring out magazines, newsletters and journals and encourage exchange of scientific know-how and industry related information
  9. Undertake surveys and research projects to estimate status of geospatial business opportunities and produce market forecasting reports and indicators
  10. Assist community and government in developing their capabilities and policies to maximize the benefits of geospatial technology for the society at large
  11. Collaborate with organizations (both public and private), universities, and agencies, NGO┬┤s at national and international level to achieve the above objects
  12. Mobilize funds and resources at national and international level to promote the objectives of the association